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Orthodox Church Vestments
"Since the earliest times, vestments have been worn by Christian clergy in the performance of both the divine services and other functions of the clergy. Depending on their purpose and function, the vestment consists usually of very fine clothing which clergy wear in the course of their ministry. Some are reminiscent of the royal vesture of the kingdoms of history, and some derive their shape and function from Scripture. Their primary purpose is for the spiritual edification of the Church. "from OrthodoxWiki.org


Tabitha of Joppa
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  • Orthodox Vestments -from oca.org-  In the Orthodox Church the clergy vest in special clothing for the liturgical services. There are two fundamental Christian vestments, the first of which is the baptismal robe. This robe, which is worn by bishops and priests at the service of holy communion and which should always be white, is the “robe of salvation”: the white garment in which every Christian is clothed on his day of baptism, symbolizing the new humanity of Jesus and life in the Kingdom of God (Rev 7:9ff).
  • Orthodox Vestments - The Symbolism of Vestments - Visitors to an Orthodox church service may ask why it is that our clergy wear such seemingly peculiar garments. Accustomed to the sight of a priest in his Sunday vestments, we Orthodox Christians are rarely able to give a satisfactory explanation and our response is often Limited to something about "the beauty of the Church." we could benefit from a closer examination of church vestments-their historical origin and their significance....
  • Orthodox Vestments -
    Ancient Faith Radio- Frederica Matthews-Green in Portland chatting with Kh. Krista West about the history and significance of Orthodox vestments.
  • Orthodox Vestments - from St. Paul the Apostle Orthodox Church, Las Vegas, NV. - descriptions of Orthodox vestments, specifically what are known as the 'Sacerdotal Vestments', along with an explanation of their symbolism:
  • Orthodox Vestments - from Istok.net - Clergy vestments -
    In the Orthodox Church, any member of the clergy, of whatever rank, will be wearing liturgical vestments when serving his particular function during the Divine Liturgy or other service. Various church vestments serve several different functions.
    The three forms of stole (Orarion, Epitrachelion, and Omophorion) are marks of rank.
  • Orthodoxy is Orthodoxy:
    Vestments of the Priest from livingorthodoxtheology.blogspot - Priests vestments - not a modern invention. This is how they used to be vested from the very beginning. This is important to maintain the tradition of the fathers to our modern time. The more we begin to forget the more the church is filled with things pertaining to this society ... and the depth of the church begins to be lost.
  • Syriac Orthodox Clergy Vestments - The clergy of the Syrian Orthodox Church have unique vestments quite distinct from other Christian denominations.
    The vestments worn by the clergy vary with their hierarchical order in the priesthood.
    The deacons, the priests, the bishops, and the patriarch have distinct liturgical vestments.
  • Orthodox Clergy Vestments Every member of the Orthodox Church, be it the priest and the bishop, needs the right tools and vestments to carry out his ministry. Clergy vestments ... need not be expensive; in fact the focus of these clothes should be more on representing the prayers that the clergy says as he puts on each item of the church vestments.


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